Garwood Council Candidates Offer Four-Point Plan

We are running for Garwood Council because we want to serve the town we love and be of help to our neighbors. We are excited to develop our own new ideas, as well as build on prior accomplishments and projects currently being completed by Mayor Sara Todisco and members of the Council. Therefore, we thoughtfully propose the following four-point plan and look forward to speaking with the residents over the coming months about these issues.

First, we understand there must be a balanced approach when looking at town finances. We must make fiscally responsible decisions to keep taxes as low as possible while funding necessary projects such as roads, recreation facilities, and public buildings. We believe in supporting our Police, Fire, and DPW by purchasing essential equipment and staffing these departments appropriately. We pledge to continue the work of the current Council by wisely investing in Garwood’s infrastructure to make a better future for Garwood.

“We thoughtfully propose the following four-point plan and look forward to speaking with the residents over the coming months about these issues.”

Expanding community engagement is another cornerstone of our plan. Mayor Todisco and the Council have worked to increase communication by holding town hall-style meetings on important topics like the ladder truck for our volunteer Fire Department and more recently, on cannabis dispensaries. There will be another town hall meeting regarding public safety on September 15th at 7 pm, which will be held virtually. We strongly believe in these efforts to keep the public informed in all matters pertaining to their town and will continue to work on public information campaigns through direct mailings and Nixle alerts. Additionally, we want to create an Arts & Culture Council in order to create projects and events which will celebrate our community through the arts.

Safety is an essential part of any community, so we will work to enhance public safety by continuing to support our police and by investing in additional traffic calming measures and pedestrian safety programs. We support the installation of the new flashing pedestrian beacons on key intersections around town and if elected, would continue to support such measures. 

Finally, we will promote sustainability by supporting green initiatives to improve Garwood’s environment. We will work for the reduction of waste and emissions in the Borough and identify cost savings through energy-efficient technologies. We support the recent purchase of two hybrid police cars, which will not only reduce carbon emissions but will also save money in the long run by decreasing the amount spent on gas. If elected we would continue to look for ways to protect our environment.

We look forward to continuing the conversation and most importantly, hearing from you!  Please look for us on your porches and on your phones as we lead up to Election Day.  We would love to hear from as many residents as possible. To learn more about us and our vision for Garwood, please visit our website at or reach out to us by email at and anytime!

Clarissa Nolde & Jeff Jotz
Candidates for Garwood Council