Mayor Sara Todisco supports Nolde & Jotz for Garwood Council

By Mayor Sara Todisco

As Election Day draws closer, I want to encourage Garwood residents to join me in supporting Clarissa Nolde and Jeff Jotz for Garwood Council. They both embody characteristics of what makes excellent Councilmembers. First and foremost, they are good listeners. I’ve walked door-to-door with them numerous times and have seen how they listen intently to what residents have to say. This is important because local representatives need to represent you, not themselves. 

Also, Clarissa and Jeff are dedicated to making decisions using all the information and feedback available to them rather than making decisions in haste. For instance, like the current Council, they want to know the details, process, and cost/tax impact of a potential renovation to the DPW building versus building brand new before making such a big decision. They want to hear from you on this issue, as well as others, using informal town hall meetings as we have done on major topics, like the ladder truck for the Fire Department, cannabis dispensaries, and public safety. 

Like me, while Clarissa and Jeff may be Democrats, they are Garwood residents above all else. They will put Garwood interests first. They are running to get things done–to help residents, pave roads, support our first responders, improve pedestrian safety, and make sure every tax dollar is spent wisely.

Even past Republican Councilmembers Richard McCormack and Stephanie Bianco have spoken out with real concern over the current Republican candidates. We all recognize that this is about choosing the right people for Garwood who will be responsive to all residents and will work with one another to get things done. 

Lastly, they bring life and work experiences that will help guide them as Councilmembers. As Rahway’s City Clerk, Jeff Jotz understands how local government works and will be able to navigate its laws and procedures to get things done. Clarissa is a music teacher and mother of three who will bring an open ear, respect for facts, and care for Garwood to the Council. Neither Clarissa or Jeff stand to personally benefit from being on the Council other than the fulfillment volunteerism brings. 

I hope you will join me in voting for the Democrats for Garwood team of Clarissa Nolde and Jeff Jotz, on Column A on November 2nd. 

Sara Todisco 
Garwood Mayor