More on Our Four-point Plan for Garwood

By Clarissa Nolde & Jeff Jotz

As we continue speaking with our neighbors all around Garwood, we’ve had a lot of great conversations about our Four Point Plan and the future of our town!  If we haven’t made it to your door yet, or if you weren’t home when we passed by, please reach out to us by email at and or call Clarissa at 732-713-8195 and/or Jeff at 201-232-0851.

Here is a detailed explanation of our Four Point Plan:

Invest in Our Infrastructure

  • Support ALL of our departments with responsible equipment and building expenditures through a disciplined capital planning process in order to keep taxes as low as possible
  • Maximize annual paving coverage through coordination with utility companies and using State grants
  • Investigate possible engineering solutions, as well as advocate for Federal and State money, to help to prevent flooding of our underpass and other low-lying areas during extreme storms like Hurricane Ida

Enhance Public Safety

  • Expand pedestrian and traffic safety initiatives by adding more flashing beacons, LED stop signs, and rumble striping particularly in heavy vehicle and pedestrian areas
  • Support our Police Department’s capital needs, as well as hiring a 17th officer (Garwood has had 16 sworn officers for over 25 years) to address the increasing demands of the job.
  • Improve our emergency preparedness by analyzing studies from meteorologists and climatologists that forecast new types of weather phenomena to plan effectively 

Expand Community Engagement

  • Create an Arts & Culture Council to bring together musicians, artists, businesses, and residents of all ages to enhance our downtown and create more community events
  • Empower residents to speak their mind and pose questions through  town hall meetings  covering important topics, such as public safety and how best to use future revenue, such as PILOT funds from developers 
  • Promote and support our local businesses by expanding on events like Garwood Restaurant Week to other small business categories to ensure Garwood stays vibrant 

Promote Sustainability

  • Reduce costs to our town by implementing energy saving solutions, including “smart” technology and energy-efficient equipment to save on everyday expenses like electricity, fuel, and water.
  • Strengthen partnerships with neighboring communities and other stakeholders to help manage stormwater runoff and cooperatively plan to reduce flooding in our area 
  • Expand on zero-budget volunteer programs like the Garwood Green Team to keep Garwood’s environment sustainable and to beautify our town for future generations to enjoy

We enjoy talking on the topic of Garwood, and hope to speak to as many residents as possible as you all consider who to vote for by November 2nd!  You will find us, Clarissa Nolde and Jeff Jotz, on Column A! 

Clarissa Nolde & Jeff Jotz
Garwood Council Candidates