Excited and honored at the opportunity to serve my neighbors

As a relatively new Garwood resident, I have called Union County home for over four decades, and I am excited and honored at the opportunity to serve my neighbors as a member of the Borough Council. Growing up, I learned about Garwood’s industrial roots as I worked at Petro Plastics on South Avenue when I was home from college.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame and a Master’s in Public Administration from Rutgers University. With over 25 years working in local, state, and county government across New Jersey, I have made public service my career and my passion. I am a New Jersey Registered Municipal Clerk currently working in that capacity in Rahway. Additionally, I have experience with environmental conservation through the Union County’s Parks Departments and as the former President of the Rahway River Watershed Association. I also have practical knowledge of local government that will help Garwood move forward with a fresh perspective while relying on my experience.

“I am excited and honored at the opportunity to serve my neighbors as a member of the Borough Council.”

Garwood has been transitioning to a robust community while taking advantage of our ever-changing economy. How we capture the potential of redevelopment that is both sustainable and beneficial to Garwood’s taxpayers is essential. As an individual who has worked on redevelopment projects in the area, I will ensure that developers are held accountable to taxpayers and create projects that respect Garwood’s amazing character while looking forward to the future.

Growth doesn’t come without impact, and as a small community, Garwood can’t exist in a vacuum. We need to collaborate with our neighbors in Union County to address issues that start beyond Garwood but affect our quality of life, such as traffic, public safety, flooding, sustainability, and accountability. Putting Garwood at the forefront of environmental and green policy is an important consideration for me. The Borough needs smart, forward-thinking plans to further our sustainability while also boosting our economy.

I look forward to meeting you throughout this campaign and getting to know my fellow neighbors. Together with the Democratic team, I will work to chart a course for our town’s future that welcomes newcomers while maintaining the great quality of life that Garwood residents have come to know and love.

Jeff Jotz
Candidate for Garwood Council