Your Vote Matters


Sean Benoit, 2018 Garwood Council Candidate

Sean Benoit, 2018 Garwood Council Candidate

Your vote matters.


In small towns like Garwood, that’s especially true. Last year, my good friend Russ Graham ran for Garwood Council and lost by 6 votes. That’s right. Last year’s election in Garwood was decided by just 6 votes.

And this year will not be any different. This year’s election is going to be close. So we need you to come out and make your voice heard on Tuesday, November 6. We need you to make your plan for Election Day today.

As an attorney who represents disabled children and adults, I have dedicated my career to making sure that everyone’s voice is heard. That’s why I decided to run for Garwood Council—so I could make sure that everyone in this town’s voice is heard and fairly represented in our government.

You have the power to make your voice heard and help set the tone for the next few years in Garwood.

Undoubtedly, you know this race has gotten very personal for me. Our opponents attacked my family by publicly sharing—for their own political motives—a private letter that my wife sent to her elected representatives nearly two years ago about her concerns. I do not believe actions like that are representative of who we are in Garwood—a “small town with a big heart.” I don’t believe that residents should fear that their communications with the Council will be used to publicly shame them and embarrass them. We can do better than that. We will do better.

Sara, Michael and I have provided you with a clear vision for Garwood where all citizens are heard and respected, where we can work together to make smart, fact-based decisions about our future, where our town grows and prospers while still retaining its small-town charm that drew me and my wife to make our home here.

But now, it’s up to you to decide. Don’t sit this election out.  Make your voice heard on Tuesday, November 6th. Vote Column A for Sara Todisco for Mayor and Michael Ince and myself for Council.

Thank you,

Sean Benoit
Candidate for Garwood Council