Sara Todisco Is the Better Leader for Garwood

Many on here won’t believe that I’m writing an endorsement for a Democrat candidate today. Some may call me a flip flopper, some may call me a fake conservative, some may have other words for me (lol) as you may have read…I definitely lean right politically. But at this moment in Garwood’s history, this fifth generation Doowrager is supporting Sara Todisco and her team for Council because I believe Sara Todisco is the better candidate and more importantly THE BETTER LEADER for Garwood in 2018. Here’s why:

First and foremost, Sara reaches out, listens to what we have to say and then she makes her decision. This is a quality of a leader! For example, Sara knows I’m right-of-center politically, as I don’t hide it on here. Who reached out to me for advice after winning her primary? Sara and her team did! Sara wants to win, and I respect that as I was once a candidate and had the same goal! Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on what side you’re on, the Democrats in town are smarter when it comes to this as they got myself and another right-of-center former councilman to run on their tickets over a decade ago.

I also currently serve with Sara as an officer on the Education Foundation of Garwood and I was the one who wrote Sara her EFG scholarship check when she was graduating from Arthur L. Johnson High School too. I’ve watched Sara grow over the past decade not only as a person but as a leader and not many people know this, but our Non-Profit organization’s membership fell from a dozen members to about six or so members a few years ago and thru Sara’s and several other member’s efforts our membership is now…and I think…it’s at its highest ever. Not to long ago after a successful EFG fundraiser I told her that she needs to run for mayor as she has all the qualities of a leader and the passion for it. Leaders perform and demonstrate results and I’ve watched Sara along with the help of the EFG’s many volunteers take our organization from good to great again.

“…leaders should NOT govern on raw emotion like Ilene has and still does…”

I also feel that our elected Leaders shouldn’t sue our borough (and borough residents) out of bitterness that wound up costing us taxpayers along with a Garwood family tens of thousands of dollars while sending out derogatory fliers against this local family at the same time. What elected leader does this? Ileen did! Why? Because she couldn’t get the same results when she was selling a property. It’s no secret that I’ve been friends with this family for 33+ years, but what most residents don’t know is…that this family could have sat back and let Garwood defend this frivolous lawsuit as the Republican Mayoral candidate (along with 3 others) was challenging a 2014 Planning Board decision, NOT the family itself! This family could have let our borough absorb all the legal costs, but they didn’t! This family, who has given so much back to our borough over the last two plus decades, took on the brunt of the legal costs defending their project, family name, and our Planning Boards’ 2014 decision! Why? Because they believe in Garwood’s bright future and they are invested in it for the long-term. I know as I see it firsthand! In addition, leaders don’t use their elected position to bully residents and to use their elected position for their own personal gain which the Republican mayoral candidate has done since elected to council and I’ve detailed this over the past year in posts (that were subsequently deleted). Leaders don’t say…Garwood basically sucks while selling homes to potential homeowners wanting to live here either (my opinion).

See to me…leaders should NOT govern on raw emotion like Ilene has and still does…Leaders have commitment, passion, communication skills, creativity, they inspire others and they have honesty, integrity, commitment and passion while knowing how to empower and delegate to others and I feel Sara Todisco has more of those qualities and can govern Garwood better than the Republican candidate for mayor does!

Steve Napolitano