Sara Todisco For Mayor Is The Right Choice For Garwood

This Letter to the Editor was originally published in the October 25th, 2018 edition of the Westfield Leader. 

I am writing in support of Councilwoman Sara Todisco for Mayor of Garwood, and the team of Sean Benoit and Michael Ince for Councilmen. As a third-generation resident of Garwood, my Father was born in a home on Cedar Street and was a 55+ year Garwood Volunteer Fireman who raised six children here. I have lived through many changes in our town and I am looking forward to continuing to see it progress, just as my Father had witnessed.

My wife Susan and I have remained in Garwood, however, over the years we have been seeing the slow change as some industries moved out and their buildings became vacant. Proactive change is needed, and the longer the town waits, the more difficult it will be to play catch-up to realize the benefits.

That is why we feel this election is different than any in the recent past and one of the most important to get out and vote to make the right decision for Garwood, which is Councilwoman Todisco for Mayor. As soon as Sara joined the Council, she began to work on initiatives to improve Garwood and plan for the future. She was and is instrumental in making some tough choices that are for the betterment of our town, while retaining our identity. She does her homework and listens to the people, then bases decisions on facts. She is not one to jump the gun and make reckless recommendations.

I have also known Councilwoman Todisco’s family my entire life and they continue to live and invest in Garwood and are very generous in the community. Sara is following right in her family’s footsteps wanting to give back to the town she grew up and lives in. She gives countless hours of her time, demonstrates amazing leadership, effectively communicates and has integrity. She is genuine and the real deal when it comes to putting Garwood first as she has no hidden motives but to serve our community. Let’s be honest, it is a thankless job to be an elected official, but she does it with 100 percent dedication.

“Vote Todisco for Mayor, Benoit and Ince for Council as they each bring unique, professional and valuable skills that we need to move Garwood towards the future.”

Councilwoman Todisco is also a school teacher which is a commendable profession. She has also volunteered for as long as I have known her. Most notably with the Lions Club where she now serves as President and for years coached Garwood girls’ softball. She has a lot of energy and is a born leader!

But what impresses me most about Sara is her relentless commitment to want to see Garwood be the best town for all people, younger, older, new to town or a life-long citizen like myself. She will advocate intelligently for progress and challenge what does not make sense. She also has the experience. Sara has served on just about every committee as Councilwoman and can speak intelligently on all aspects relating to Garwood. In fact, Councilwoman Todisco also led the charge as Finance Chairperson for a zero tax increase this year, which is a first in many years. We need a proven leader who has a record of demonstrated success. Additionally, she is well educated as she impressively graduated summa cum laude from Northeastern University. Experience is important to having the skills to do the job and most effectively represent Garwood.

Sara has the heart and will to fight for what is right. I hope you will join my wife and I on Tuesday, November 6, and make the right choice for Garwood. Vote Todisco for Mayor, Benoit and Ince for Council as they each bring unique, professional and valuable skills that we need to move Garwood towards the future.

Richard King