As Your Mayor, I Will Represent All Of Garwood, Thank You, Voters!

This Letter to the Editor was originally published in the November 15, 2018 edition of the Westfield Leader. 

I am so truly honored and humbled by all the support for Michael Ince, Sean Benoit, and myself on Election Day. We started this journey together over seven months ago and have worked hard to communicate our vision for the future of Garwood along with setting clear goals and plans to make them happen.

An endeavor like this cannot be done by one person or even three people alone. Instead, it truly takes a village. Thank you to the best team anyone could ask for — for making calls, canvassing, passing out flyers, and so much more. Thank you to those I called and emailed thousands of times from early morning to late at night. Thank you to my family for supporting me from day one when I first decided to get involved and put myself out there when I ran for Council back in 2011.

My family is the single largest reason I first sought elected office. They instilled a love of Garwood in me from a very early age. In particular, my grandfather, who took me to Garwood Lions Club events with him, gave me a lesson in the joys of volunteerism and community service. It’s the people of Garwood, collectively, who keep me going — to do the best job I can to serve everyone. As your Mayor, I will represent all of Garwood — from the youngest resident to the oldest, from the newcomer to the lifelong resident, whether a renter or a homeowner, whether Republican or Democrat — we are one Garwood after all.

I’ve already begun to prepare for my new role by meeting with Mayor Charles Lombardo to ensure a smooth transition. I thank him for serving Garwood for 25 years, the most of any elected official in town history. I am also busy preparing to advertise all board, commission, and committee appointments as well as preparing to launch a first-ever Citizens Advisory Panel. Please be on the lookout on, my Facebook page, and this local paper to see what you might be interested in joining. I’d love to meet with you as the future of Garwood cannot be determined by any one individual. But together, we can and we will make Garwood work for everyone. Together, we can and we will adapt with the changing times of the future, while staying true to the independence and value our founders envisioned.

While I have plenty of ideas on how we can ensure Garwood has a bright future, I’ll also be coming to
you to ask for your feedback and your ideas. Also, please feel free to reach out to me anytime with your thoughts and questions as we need them to make Garwood work for everyone. I’m ready to get to work! Thank you!

Sara Todisco