“Garwood is at a pivotal moment in its history and needs strong leadership now more than ever to ensure our future is as bright as our past.” – Sara Todisco, Garwood Mayoral Candidate

Demand Top Value for Our Tax Dollars

  • Carefully examine each line of the budget to make sure our tax dollars are used wisely to continue providing high quality services for all residents
  • Demand more from Union County to return your tax dollars back to Garwood
  • Support our DPW laborers and provide upgraded equipment so they can continue providing best in class services from garbage pickup to snow removal
  • Explore and negotiate the best possible contracts, shared services, and redevelopment agreements for the betterment of Garwood
    • Secure more community space and open areas from developers
    • Make deals that save money, increase revenue, and improve services

Deliver Proactive Leadership

  • Oversee redevelopment projects with attention to detail, while providing clear, timely communication with the public
  • Provide information and answer questions about the upcoming State-mandated town-wide revaluation of all properties
  • Initiate quarterly meetings with the heads of the Planning Board and Board of Education to ensure open lines of communication and greater collaboration
  • Take a stand for issues that matter to our residents from gun violence to one-seat ride service from NJ Transit
  • Form alliances with other towns to advocate for common issues, like flood control and grant programs

Modernize Our Government

  • Host forums and more informal town-hall style meetings to hear directly from citizens on important issues
  • Create official Garwood social media pages with proper regulations and oversight
  • Ensure, including its calendar, has up-to-date information
  • Conduct surveys to solicit more feedback and input from residents
  • Explore new technology to record resident requests for pothole repair, safety concerns, etc.

Bring People Together

  • Create an advisory panel of citizens, not politicians, to provide input on capital projects, like roads and equipment
  • Start seasonal “Community Spirit” awards to show gratitude to volunteers, local business owners, and others that help make Garwood such a great place to live
  • Provide new residents with an informative “Welcome” packet to provide important information about town departments, services, government, and more
  • Restore order, civility, and professionalism at Council meetings
  • Extend public comment time limits from three to five minutes at Council meetings and enforce rules fairly
  • Create a well-publicized, open application process for appointments to town boards, committees, and commissions that ensures each is inclusive and representative of our town