Got Your Ballot? Don’t Wait. Vote Now!

By Russ Graham and Vincent Kearney

Just a reminder that every day until November 3 is Election Day!

There are four easy ways to vote with the Vote-by-Mail ballot that every voter should have already received from the Union County Clerk’s Office!

  • Deliver the ballot to the secure drop box located outside the Garwood Library by 8 p.m. on Election Day (November 3).
  • Place the ballot in the US Mail with enough time to ensure it is postmarked by November 3.
  • Bring the ballot and valid ID to the Union County Clerk’s Office located at the Fraser Building (300 North Avenue East) in Westfield. This is considered an early in-person vote, and please note the ballot must be presented prior to 8 PM on Election Day.
  • Bring the ballot to Garwood’s polling location at Lincoln School. This can only be done on Election Day, November 3 from 6 AM to 8 PM. Choosing this option may require waiting in line, and showing ID to the poll worker will be required for the ballot to be received.

Any registered voter who did not yet receive a ballot should immediately contact the Union County Clerk’s Office at 908-527-4996.

Speaking of mail-in ballots, New Jersey residents are now able to track ballots online!

For those who choose to vote with their mail-in ballot, online tracking is an excellent service to help put to rest questions like “did they get my vote” or “was my vote counted”? To register for a public account on the state election system, visit and look for the “Track Your Mail-In Ballot” link.

Of course, voters have always been able to directly contact the County Clerk’s office by phone and confirm ballots were received and may continue to do so, but we are certainly happy to see a new online digital service like this!

Going into the final stretch of this campaign, we hope to have everyone’s support for the Graham/Kearney ticket for a Strong Garwood. Look for us on Column A, and remember the most important thing is to have your voice heard and your vote counted!