Good Government Requires Good People. Graham and Kearney Have My Vote.

By Charles Lombardo


Good government requires good people.  For over 40 years, we have lived in Garwood and, over the years, were governed by both Republicans and Democrats.  Party is not the issue.  We have always supported our neighbors who ran for a government position, who were solid citizens, morally and fiscally responsible, who always put Garwood first regardless of their political affiliation.  Good government shouldn’t abide by party lines.  The question is: who will do the best job for the residents of Garwood.

I believe that the team of Russ Graham and Vincent Kearney are those people.  Both have lived in Garwood for quite a while with their families, and have participated in many borough functions, serving on many committees, both political and otherwise – all for the betterment of our town.  Their commitment to the town goes well beyond the scope of running for political office.

Both Vince and Russ are committed to moving Garwood forward, looking out for all the residents, children  and seniors alike. They are hard-working, diligent, upstanding residents who are not afraid to speak the truth, even if it doesn’t make everyone happy. They are not in the race for glamour, political advancement, or social standing. Their integrity and honesty speak for themselves. They are free-thinkers, not followers, who will not be influenced by others, regardless of their positions outside the political realm. Both Vincent and Russ are gentlemen in the truest sense of the word.  You will not see them making crude faces on Facebook or writing derogatory statements about their neighbors. They are moral, responsible, caring individuals who will do their best to help everyone in Garwood, regardless of political affiliation, to the best of their ability.

“Please send a message to all of Garwood that Vincent Kearney and Russ Graham represent the values of Garwood that we can proudly support.”


November 3rd is coming upon us very quickly. If you haven’t returned your mail-in-ballot yet, please do so as soon as possible.  Avoid the anticipated long, socially distant lines on Election Day. There is a convenient, secure drop box outside the Garwood Library in their parking lot.  The contents of the box are emptied every day, so there is no wait for the postal service to deliver it to the Board of Elections. Please send a message to all of Garwood that Vincent Kearney and Russ Graham represent the values of Garwood that we can proudly support.

Charles Lombardo 
Former Mayor of Garwood