Garwood Kids Benefit From New Park Thanks To Blumenstock, Lazarow, and Graham

This article was published in the Monday, October 21, 2019 edition of Tap Into.

I am writing this letter to express my endorsement for the re-election of Jen Blumenstock, Marc Lazarow, and Russ Graham to the Garwood Council.  Specifically, I would like to speak about how their leadership has positively impacted our family and the Garwood community.  Starting in 2017, Councilman Lazarow and Councilwoman Blumenstock led the charge to revitalize Hartman Park which was an under-utilized and dilapidated space that had not been updated for 30 years.  They quickly transformed the park with brand new equipment including a special needs sensory tunnel, play areas suitable for multiple age groups, and ample benches and picnic tables for parents to more easily monitor their children. 

“I firmly believe that Garwood is lucky to have these three individuals willing to continue to look out for our community in the years to come.”

Councilman Lazarow and Councilwoman Blumenstock were even able to stay within budget to include repaving the basketball court that was suffering from cracks and faded lines.  This was all accomplished with more than half of the cost funded by county grants that were ambitiously advocated for by Jen and Marc.  When an opportunity to apply for the same grant existed the following year, they seized the moment to enhance the experience at Hartman Park to bring more shading and to repair a broken water fountain.  These projects were eventually implemented under the new leadership of Councilman Russ Graham who took over as chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee.  Also, Jen, Marc, and Russ have ensured that this investment of taxpayer dollars will be protected with quarterly maintenance reports by the foreman of the Garwood DPW. 

Since the park re-opened this past July, I have heard nothing but excitement for the brand new Hartman Park.   Anytime you pass by the park, there are tons of kids and parents enjoying it, which was not typical prior to the revitalization.   It is great to be able to enjoy such a fun and safe playground with my children in our great town of Garwood.

Knowing that this project was well planned, implemented, and stayed within budget shows that this team is able to balance priorities by ensuring Garwood residents are surrounded with accessible and enjoyable outdoor destinations while being mindful of the costs.  I firmly believe that Garwood is lucky to have these three individuals willing to continue to look out for our community in the years to come. 

Please join me on Tuesday, November 5th in electing Councilwoman Jen Blumenstock, Councilman Marc Lazarow, and Councilman Russ Graham to Garwood Council.

Michael Ferrara
Garwood Resident