A Strong Garwood Requires Leaders Who Work for Everyone, Not Just a Few

We are now less than a few days away from Election Day. I know many residents feel inundated by the various mailings, letters to the newspaper, and Facebook posts, but clearly, this election is critically important to the future of our town. Will we move into the future more divided than ever or together as one Garwood? Will we move into the future with leadership built on anger or with leadership built on optimism? Will we move into the future by trying to turn back the clock or by bringing new ideas to make our community even better than it is?

I’m proud of the solution-based platform we have stood by since March and for running a campaign based on facts, supported by documented numbers and events. Our opponents have run a campaign full of false claims, empty promises, and hateful accusations. We have shed light on facts that our opponents may not like to hear, but nonetheless, they are still facts.

I believe most Garwood residents want a local government that is optimistic about the future, is eager to turn ideas into reality and works well together. Who will be the team that will protect Garwood’s independence and small-town charm? Who has the energy and experience to get things done?

Who will be the team to ensure that Garwood is unified rather than partisan? I believe Michael, Sean, and I are that team.

As your Mayor, I will build a citizens’ advisory panel that is nonpartisan and is reflective of the different perspectives and experiences of our residents. I will ensure any positions to boards and committees are well advertised and will make appointments based on merit, not political affiliation. A Republican Mayor, then a Democratic Mayor appointed me to Chair the Finance Committee three times each because they felt I was the right person for the job. I will exercise the same when filling committee seats to ensure the whole Council is in a position to do the best job for the residents.

Sara Todisco

A strong Garwood requires leaders who work for everyone, not just a few — who value both lifelong residents and newcomers, both homeowners and renters, as well as children through senior citizens. A strong Garwood requires leaders who value that our first responders must be supported, that our roads must be properly paved, and that the residents must be diligently informed. These are the values we are committed to bringing to Borough Hall.

I humbly ask for your support along with my running mates, Michael Ince, and Sean Benoit, on November 6th.

Sara Todisco
Garwood Mayoral Candidate